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The Gallery at MSS is a collaboration between Midland Shared Spaces (MSS) and the nonprofit art groups in Midland – Midland Arts Association and The Palette Club of Midland. This partnership came out of a need for permanent gallery space in Midland for local artists to display, and a need to make the building a more inviting place for tenants and guests of MSS. Because of this collaboration, community members have an opportunity to view art being created in Midland, and an opportunity to interact with the artists at periodic receptions.  

The Gallery also features pieces created by other nonprofit groups in Midland that use art as part of their regular program. Reflections Ministries, Bynum School, Sibley Camera Club, Rays of Hope, and MARC have all been part of The Gallery. Thanks to a grant from the Arts Council of Midland, MSS is able to provide a professional hanging system for artists to display their work. We also use the receptions to give local musicians and singers an opportunity to showcase their talent by providing live music during the evening. Receptions are underwritten by the generous support of local businesses and individuals. 

Art being displayed is rotated seasonally, and is available to the public to view and, in many cases, purchase. Since each organization is responsible for their members’ pieces, all sales are handled directly with the individual artists. 

The Gallery at MSS is open to the public Monday through Thursday, from 8:00am - 6:00pm, and Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. For information about purchasing art, contact the artist directly using the information posted.

To learn more about underwriting a reception, 
contact Marc Kondrup or Autumn Vest at MSS by calling 432.685.0400.