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  • WTX Nonprofits

    WTX Nonprofits Now Serving West Texas

    MSS is proud to host as a regional nonprofit database designed to connect our community! 

    This is a FREE website for nonprofits to share information and events. 

    Serving 20 counties, is designed to be a hub of nonprofit information for the West Texas Region. Our goal is to connect individuals with nonprofits through a vibrant, easy to use online directory of nonprofits operating or serving in West Texas.

  • SOTN Cover Art

    State of the Nonprofits

     MSS is excited to announce a brand new podcast series dedicated to connecting our nonprofit community for the better. 
    Nonprofits are the heart of any community and here in the Permian Basin it’s no different. This podcast is designed for the people who want to make our community better. The ones who work in nonprofits, serve in nonprofits, or the ones who are just beginning to seek out a way to make life better for others.

    This is where we’ll talk about the challenges and hurdles facing our nonprofits and the people we serve. We hope to discover and share some incredible stories of impact and success too.
MSS justicon logo MSS (Midland Shared Spaces) is a nonprofit center that provides quality, affordable resources and workspace for nonprofit organizations in Midland County. We are a multi-sector center meaning we support many nonprofits with diverse missions and focus areas. MSS connects diverse organizations, giving them the chance to collaborate, share knowledge, and develop systemic solutions to the community issues they are working to address, thereby impacting our entire community.MSS provides resources and a platform for collaboration that allows the nonprofit community in Midland to share their resources and ideas more efficiently and effectively, thereby maximizing their impact.
MSS justicon logoLooking for the 2019 State of the Nonprofits Study Report? Click Here to visit the MSS State of the Nonprofits website where you can request a copy.