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  • Working Together.

  • Cultivating Opportunities.

  • Sharing Ideas.

orange-right-arrow Shared Spaces is a multi-tenant nonprofit center that provides quality, affordable, resources and workspace for organizations working to better the community. We are a multi-sector center meaning we serve many nonprofits with diverse missions and focus areas.

When people come together, share ideas and work collectively to make their vision real the opportunities are endless. Shared Spaces is designed to enhance efficiencies by offering shared spaces and shared services to local nonprofit organizations. Shared Spaces is sharing a vision for a strong community with an emphasis on developing a collaborative community. All nonprofits are welcome regardless of focus area.

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." Alexander Graham Bell

Why Share Space?
It's in the Numbers.

Shared Spaces aims to improve nonprofits by delivering effective solutions based on innovative concepts proven to support and better the community. Statistics derived from Measuring Collaboration: The benefits and impacts of Nonprofit Centers provides these impressive numbers for organizations housed in nonprofit centers:

  • 72% report moderate to significant improvement in both community awareness and credibility
  • 59% report higher visibility to funders
  • 86% experience significant improvements in their overall effectiveness and efficiency
  • 7% of annual operating costs are saved on average
  • 53% report moderate to significant improvements in the size and scope of their programs
  • 38% report moderate to significant improvements in the quality of back office services