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At MSS, our purpose is to impact Midland County in a positive way by providing solutions for nonprofits on campus and beyond our walls.

West Texas Nonprofits is a project of MSS designed to connect individuals with nonprofits through outreach efforts including a robust, vibrant online directory of nonprofits operating or serving in West Texas, for community members to access information about missions, services, volunteer opportunities, and events.

State of the Nonprofits is a podcast series designed to encourage collaboration and resources sharing by connecting nonprofit agencies and professionals with one another to better serve our community.

The MSS IT Managed Services Plan offers unlimited helpdesk support and proactive optimizations for your systems. Access to discounted hourly and project rates are available. The MSS IT Hourly Services Plan offers unlimited helpdesk support at a simple, flat hourly rate per technician.

The Gallery at MSS is a collaboration between Midland Shared Spaces (MSS) and the nonprofit art groups in Midland – Midland Arts Association and The Palette Club of Midland.