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MSS Connections

Are you interested in volunteering in Midland but not sure where to start? MSS Connections can help! MSS Connections helps connect Midlanders to volunteer opportunities that match personal interests. MSS Connections also helps local nonprofit agencies effectively and efficiently recruit and retain volunteers. This service is currently free to both potential volunteers and agencies.


  • Allows individuals to see the many ways they can make a difference in Midland
  • Creates a volunteer resume that tracks hours volunteered
  • Free to individual(s) seeking volunteer opportunities


  • Promote volunteer opportunities and in-kind needs
  • Reduce staff time needed to recruit and schedule volunteers
  • Manage, grow, and track volunteers
  • Approve individual volunteer hours online
  • Add events to the local calendar
  • Increase potential donations - donations from volunteers are 2.5 greater than those of non-volunteers
  • Free to Midland County 501(c)3 agencies with general volunteer needs


  • Find large scale volunteer opportunities to allow your employees/members to work together
  • Grow company/group volunteerism
  • Achieve higher levels of community engagement


  • Sign up for Approved Legacy Volunteer hours
  • Track Legacy Volunteer hours with Volunteer Resume

To create a free volunteer or agency account, please visit or contact the MSS Connections Coordinator at 432-685-0409. MSS Connections is a program of MSS made possible by the Warren Charitable Foundation.

Get involved and make a difference!